Tips for Healthier Feet

Wear Shoes
Release the shoes-laces or Velcros, move heels to the shoes heel counter. Leave more rooms for toes. Then tie shoes-laces or stick the velcro firmly, not too tight (prevent normal blood circultion) or too loose (foot moves inside shoes)

Room for foot to growth (For Children)
Move foot forward to the toe box of shoes. If a finger can be placed between heel & heel counter, it is the right shoes size.

Tips when buying new shoes
1. different from factory to factory.

2. Since upper sole & outer sole are harder when new, let wearing period gradually longer by first few weeks.

Patient with Diabetes
1. Aviod use towel to rub dry foot skin, soft pad dry it.

2. Pad dry any water remains between toes gently

3. Check feet daily. If cuts or bleeding found, handle it immediately. See GP if persist.

4. Use moisturize cream if feet skin are dry

5. No absorting powder used for sweating feet. Pad dry gently

High In-Step Feet
Pick shoes that use Shoes laces or Velcro strape.